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~~~ ~~~ [up] From: Yerry Felix <Games@puzzles.demon.co.uk >
~~~ ~~~ [up] Subject: Re: little keychain cubes and IQubes


I guess I could keep an eye open for those little keychain cubes when I go
the next Essen Game Fair. There are myriads of games, puzzles and
gadgets to be had (100000 people attend) and if I find I supplier
I will post the adress here.

On another note, a while back Games & Puzzles Magazine reviewed a cube
called IQube. It comprised a cage containing 26 cubelets, there are two
variants, one with 3 * 2 colours on the individual cubelets and another
one with 2 * 3 colours. A few days later a friend of mine brought in an
ancient cube (about 10 years old) which was made to the same principle,
but with only one colour on one of the faces of the cubelets inside and the other
5 sides are black. Would anyone know who manufactured these?

-- Yerry Felix
Games & Puzzles Magazine

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