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Yes, these [5x5x5 Cubes] are on sale for $20 plus S/H. However, I
must say that as they are difficult to manufacture, the mechanism is
not as smooth as I would prefer, the center cube faces sometimes
need to be reglued, and the stickers sometimes slide.

With regard to the stickers (as far as I can tell just the orange
side has problems) [...] recommend placing a piece of paper over the
cube and ironing (not too hot). This melts the glue and the stickers
get a better grip. I've not had any problems since.

My experience matches yours, in that only the orange side has trouble.
I found that a tiny little dab of plain ordinary contact cement would
nail down a sticker very nicely. Four of the 25 orange-side stickers
on my 5x5x5 (which I understand the local shop got from Ishi Press, btw
Anton :-) show evidence of my having used a little too much contact
cement; I don't recall how many others got glued with a more
appropriate amount.

As for 4x4x4s, I own one but have been unable to find it lately. This
doesn't bother me especially, since given a 5x5x5, if you just ignore
the center slice along each axis (remove the stickers, paint white-out
over them, etc) and you have something mathematically identical to a

der Mouse


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