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From: wft@math.canterbury.ac.nz (Bill Taylor)
Subject: God's algorithm

In rec.puzzles, sijben@cs.utwente.nl (Paul Sijben) writes:

As far a I know is the maximum number of moves requierd to solve The
Cube is just over 30 (35 by the last count a year ago, and decending).
Someone in the NKC (Nederlandse Kubus Club= dutch cube club) was busy
working on a system hoping to reach god's algorythm. I can dig in my
archives if anyone want more precice infomation.

Has anyone else heard anything of this business ?

well, it's been kicking around in both rec.puzzles and sci.math lately.
maybe you should ask if anyone has heard any follow-up to the above.
i've sent away to the dutch cubists' club for membership and info,
but they want payments in the form of international money orders
(which probably means a good month or two delay).
if/when i have some more info on this, i'll gladly share it with


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