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~~~ ~~~ [up] Subject: cube in a cube

recently i wrote

back in the days before i did computer-cubing, i found an interesting
maneuver for "cube in a cube" that only turns three faces. what's the
shortest such maneuver that you know?

there was never any response to this, but i'll give my solution anyway.

let  X  =  U2 F R' F2 R F2 R F2 R' F U2 .

then X produces two two-cycles of corner-edge pairs. the commutator
[ X , C_UFR ] produces "cube in a cube" in 22 face / 32 quarter turns
and only turns the faces U, F and R.

the notation C_UFR refers to a rotation of the whole cube, and
[ a, b ] denotes the commutator a b a^-1 b^-1 .


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