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What is OKUSON?

A software package for delivering exercise sheets and administrating exercise courses via a web interface.

Here is an example of usage of OKUSON. The data are from a real course but everything is anonymized. The Ids don't exist and there are no names, except those of the OKUSON authors.

Here is a keyword list of some features, for more details see the documentation.

Who has written OKUSON?

Frank Lübeck at Lehrstuhl für Algebra und Zahlentheorie (former Lehrstuhl D) (RWTH Aachen) and Max Neunhöffer. (Newer developments and current maintainer: Frank Lübeck)

The package was developed out of experience with previous (non-published) programs by the authors, which were used for several semesters, in some cases with courses of more than 1000 students, at Lehrstuhl D für Mathematik.

Some of these experiences are described in the article:

Frank Lübeck und Max Neunhöffer, Übungsbetrieb über Webservice, Computer Algebra Rundbrief 31 (2002)

Since version 1.1 there is a set of statistics functions (and numerous smaller improvements) suggested and contributed by Thorsten Heck and Ingo Klöcker.

Who can use OKUSON?

Everybody who is interested!

The package is available under terms of the GNU Public License.

We are not able to provide substantial technical support for users of the package. So, users are expected to understand and follow the documentation by themselves. Nevertheless, we are very interested in feedback and suggestions for improvements.

Since an important part of the package is a web interface not everything can be language independent. Currently, the actual texts on the sample web pages are in German or English. But it should be straightforward to generate versions in other languages. Please, contact us if you are interested in using the package with another language.

Where can I download OKUSON?

The current version is OKUSON 1.5.2 (April 8, 2022).

Here is the gzip'ed tar-archive okuson-1.5.2.tar.gz.

The file CHANGES describes the changes between different versions of OKUSON.

Starting from version 1.4 we provide support for exercise sheets in HTML (no images for the exercises) and MathJax maths rendering.

Is there documentation for OKUSON?

Yes! Here is the documentation in PDF format and here is a short INSTALL file for the impatient user.

Are there plans for future development?

There are currently no plans for big extensions, but we are going to use this package in the forthcoming semesters ourselves; also other institutes in Aachen and other universities are using it currently. We mainly plan to make OKUSON more stable and flexible using the experience from its practical operation.

We want to provide bug fixes as quickly as possible for current users.

If you are considering to use OKUSON for the next semester, you are welcome to contact us with questions, wishes or suggestions.

Where can I send questions or suggestions concerning OKUSON?

The repository for the OKUSON code is on github. Please use the corresponding issue tracker for comments. (Or contact me directly for questions, see below.)

Contact: Frank Lübeck