Research interests

My area of research is algebraic combinatorics. More precisely, I investigate the combinatorial aspects in modular representation theory of reflection groups (and of their associated Hecke algebras), and of finite classical groups. I am in particular interested in the connections with quantum groups, via the theory of crystals and canonical bases. Insofar as possible, I like to use methods from combinatorics on words.

Research papers

My research articles can also be found on arXiv and on HAL.

  1. The 𝔰𝔩 -crystal combinatorics of higher level Fock spaces. With Emily Norton.
    Preprint 2017.
  2. Heisenberg algebra, wedges and crystals.
    Preprint 2016.
  3. Triple crystal action in Fock spaces.
    Preprint 2016.
  4. Branching graphs for finite unitary groups in non-defining characteristic. With Gerhard Hiss.
    Comm. Algebra 45 (2016), 561-574
  5. Harish-Chandra series in finite unitary groups and crystal graphs. With Gerhard Hiss and Nicolas Jacon.
    International Mathematics Research Notices 22 (2015), 12206-12250.
  6. Crystal isomorphisms in Fock spaces and Schensted correspondence in affine type A.
    Algebras and Representation Theory 18 (2015), 1009-1046.
  7. Generalised canonical basic sets for Ariki-Koike algebras.
    Journal of Algebra 413 (2014), 364-401.

PhD thesis

Decomposition matrices for Ariki-Koike algebras and crystal isomorphisms in Fock spaces (available here).
Directed by Cédric Lecouvey and Nicolas Jacon, defended on July 1st, 2014.

Some beamer talks