This is Version 1.0.0 of the package mfer written for GAP 4, whose aim is to provide access to the classification of the endomorphism rings of the multiplicity-free permutation modules of the sporadic simple groups and their cyclic and bicyclic extensions.

Part of the data is available not only in GAP 4 but also in the web. This holds for the permutation characters and the character tables of the endomorphism rings as well as for the bibliography collected from earlier publications on this topic.


The GAP functions were written by Thomas Breuer, Ines Höhler, and Jürgen Müller.


If you have used the mfer package to solve a problem then please send a short email to Thomas Breuer or Jürgen Müller about it.

Any comments about the package are very welcome. If you have found important features missing or if there is a bug, let us know and we will try to address it in the next version of the package.


The package itself is not yet publicly available.

The main purpose of this preliminary package homepage is to provide access to information about the permutation modules, to the permutation representations themselves, and to the table of contents file which is needed for automatic access to the permutation representations by the AtlasRep package (in version at least 2.0).

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