GAP package FUtil

Author: Frank Lübeck
Needs: GAP in version at least 4.7.;
  GAPDoc in version at least 1.5 for accessing the documentation
Operating systems: Any, on which GAP is running.
Current version: 0.1.5 (22/08/2017)
   - this is not yet an officially distributed package, updates may not be completely backward compatible.
Contact: Frank.Luebeck@Math.RWTH-Aachen.De
Download: See below for archives in several formats.


This package provides various tools for use with GAP.

Currently, there are only two topics covered by this package:


Just unpack the archive in the pkg directory of your GAP installation. (Or somewhere else and use the -l option when calling GAP.)

Online Documentation

Here is the documentation of the FUtil package in several output formats. If you have installed the package as described above you can also access all of these documents from the GAP online help.

Package Archives for Download

The FUtil package is availabe in several formats:

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