Nikolaus Conference 2011

The program as [PDF-file].

Final Program
(Lehrstuhl D für Mathematik, RWTH Aachen)
The first talks on Friday have been in Hörsaal SG 513 (Seminargebäude). After the coffee break on Friday and on Saturday all talks were given in the Hauptgebäude, Templergraben 55, Hörsaal IV. Meeting point and coffee breaks were at Lehrstuhl D, Templergraben 64.
Friday, December 9, 2011
2.02-2.23pm Peter Fleischmann (Kent): Localization and Dehomogenization of Modular Rings of Invariants
2.30-2.53pm Liam Naughton (Galway): Computing the Table of Marks of a Cyclic Extension [slides]
coffee and discussion       
4.40-5.00pm Michael Livesey (Aberdeen): Broué's Abelian Defect Group Conjecture for Finite Classical Groups
5.10-5.27pm Benjamin Sambale (Jena): Donovan's Conjecture for Certain Defect Groups [slides]
5.40-6.00pmGunter Malle (Kaiserslautern): On the Conjectures of Arad-Herzog and Szep
7.00pm-??1 Research Cambridge Style! (in the restaurant Pontgarten, Pontstr. 154)
Saturday, December 10, 2011
10.02-10.22amAnamari Nakić (Zagreb): Kramer-Mesner with Tactical Decomposition [slides]
10.30-10.53amMax Neunhöffer (St Andrews): Algorithmic Generalisations of Small Cancellation Theory
11.00-11.21amRichard Parker (Cambridge): The Algebra of Curvature [slides]
11.30-11.52amKay Magaard (Birmingham): Tensor Products of Cross Characteristic Representations of Classical Groups [slides]
lunch break
1.30-1.46pm Peter Mosch (Bochum): Calculating Conjugacy Classes of Sylow p-Subgroups of Chevalley Groups
2.00-2.18pm Martin Couson (Braunschweig): Character Degrees of Finite p-Groups by Coclass
2.30-2.53pm Sandeep Murthy (London): TPP Triples of Subsets of Finite Groups [preprint] [slides]
3.00-3.20pm Michael Pleger (Kaiserslautern): Orbits on Irreducible Representations of Simple Algebraic Groups
coffee and discussion       
4.42-5.05pmIvan Marin (Paris): Cubic Hecke algebra on 5 strands [preprint]
5.10-5.30pmNina Menezes (St Andrews): Random Generation and Chief Lengths of Permutation Groups [slides]
5.40-5.55pm Michael Cuntz (Kaiserslautern): Simplicial Arrangements with up to 27 Lines [preprint] [slides]
7.00pm-??1 Research Cambridge Style! (in the "Labyrinth")
Anyone was welcome to attend the talks.   Frank Lübeck
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