Nikolaus conference 2016

Speaker: Mikaƫl Cavallin (Kaiserslautern)

Title: On Orthogonal Embeddings and Irreducible Triples


In 1987, Seitz gave a complete classification of triples \((Y,X,V),\) where \(Y\) is a simple group of classical type, \(X\) is a maximal, closed, connected subgroup of \(Y,\) and \(V\) is a finite-dimensional, restricted, irreducible \(KY\)-module. Recently, we observed that in the case where \(Y=Spin_{2n+2}(K\)) and \(X=Spin_{2n}(K),\) a family of examples was missing from the list. In this talk, I would like to show how certain methods, initially introduced by Ford, can be used to obtain all irreducibles \(V\) as above for this embedding. This is joint work with Testerman.

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