Nikolaus conference 2016

Final Program

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All talks were in Pontdriesch 14/16 in Hörsaal SeMath (008). Meeting point and coffee breaks was at Lehrstuhl D, first floor (German counting) in the same building.

All times below are in LRLT (Lecture room local time, UTC +0102).

Friday, December 9, 2016

2.15--2.33pmRichard Parker (Cambridge): Meataxe64
2.45--3.05pmRafał Lutowski (Gdańsk): Spin Structures on Almost-Flat 4-Manifolds
(coffee and discussion)
4.40-5.00pmAlexandre Esterle (Amiens): Image of the Artin Groups of Type A and B Inside the Finite Hecke Algebras
5.10--5.29pmSalim Rostam (Versailles): Looking for a Cyclotomic Quiver Hecke Algebra Presentation for the Hecke Algebra of G(r,p,n)
5.40--6.00pmNils Amend (Bochum): Restrictions of Reflection Arrangements and the \(K(\pi, 1)\) Property
7.00pm-??Research Cambridge Style! (in the Pontgarten, Pontstraße 154)

Saturday, December 10, 2016

10.00--10.22amBaptiste Rognerud (Strasbourg): Additive Equivalences between Categories of \(p\)-Permutation Modules.
10.30--10.50amInga Schwabrow (Kaiserslautern): Centres of Blocks of Finite Groups with Trivial Intersection Sylow p-Subgroups
11.00--11.18Mikko Korhonen (Lausanne): Invariant Forms on Irreducible Modules of Simple Algebraic Groups
11.30--11.51amMikaël Cavallin (Kaiserslautern): On Orthogonal Embeddings and Irreducible Triples
(lunch break)
1.30--1.50pmImke Toborg (Halle): An Algebraic View on a Composite Functional Equation on Groups
2.00--2.18Tilman Möller (Bochum): Nice Restrictions of Reflection Arrangements
2.30--2.55pmJulian Brough (Kaiserslautern): Central Intersections of Element Centralisers
3.04--3.25pmEmilio Pierro (Bielefeld): The Subgroup Lattice, and what thereat is
(coffee and discussion)
4.40--5.00pmLucia Morotti (Hannover): Irreducible Tensor Products of Representations of Symmetric Groups
5.10--5.32pmMarkus Pfeiffer (St Andrews): Improving Normaliser Search in Permutation Groups
5.40--6.01pmChristopher Jefferson (St Andrews): Dynamically Created Orderings for Finding Orbit Representatives in Permutation Groups
7.00pm-??Research Cambridge Style! (in the "Labyrinth", of course)

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