Nikolaus conference 2017

General description

The Nikolaus conference is an annual meeting at Lehrstuhl D für Mathematik (RWTH Aachen). The focus is on group and representation theory with an emphasis on computational aspects (but not only). Particularly welcome are young researchers who have recently finished a thesis in this area. This is an opportunity to meet some established people in this area.

Date and time

The talks will be scheduled from
Friday, December 8, 2017, about 2pm to
Saturday, December 9, 2017, about 6pm.

All talks will be at most 20 minutes long.

Long coffee breaks and "evening sessions" can be used for further discussions.

After the talks on Saturday we will have the traditional Research Cambridge Style session in a nearby restaurant and pub. For this reason many participants will stay until Sunday morning.


The talks and coffee breaks will be in Pontdriesch 14/16. A lecture hall is in the ground floor, and Lehrstuhl D is in the first floor (German counting).


If you intend to come, please, fill this registration form.

It is particularly appreciated if you offer to give a talk (during registration or later)!


In December there is a very popular Christmas market in Aachen with plenty of outside visitors. Do not wait too long with booking some accomodation.

To do so, we suggest to use an online booking site like (-> Tourismus -> Hotels) or

(We have rooms in the Guesthouse but these are all booked now!)

Address questions to Frank Lübeck