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Welcome to the Homepage of Max Neunhöffer

Please note that I have resigned from my job at the University of St Andrews and now work for the company triAGENS in Cologne and live in Germany. Therefore I will probably not be able to read all messages coming in on my old email address neunhoef at Please use one of my two new email addresses given under Contact if you want to contact me.

On this page there is information about myself, things that I have done, and links to other sites I am interested in.

This web site is organized as a tree, which can be navigated on the left hand side. The top branches of the tree can also be reached via the top bar. Here is a short description of them:

  • Contact: Information how to contact me.
  • Publications: A list of my publications (most concern mathematics).
  • Talks: A list of the talks I have given.
  • Grants: A list of the (research) grants I have received.
  • Mathematics: Here I collect things having to do with mathematics.
  • Computer: Stuff concerning computers.
  • Images: Digital images (most of them taken by me).
  • This and That: The place for stuff that fits nowhere else.
  • Links: A collection of links to various things.

If you are interested in how this page is set up, follow this link.