The MAPLE-part of CHEVIE

This part of CHEVIE deals with generic character tables of series of groups of Lie type. An example of such a series is the set of groups GL3(q), where q runs through all prime powers. For other examples see the list of available tables below.

Here is an outline of the content of this part of CHEVIE. It includes

At the moment we distribute generic character tables for the following series of groups.

For more information on the programs in this part of CHEVIE you can study the manual (in gzipped dvi format (39k) or in gzipped postscript format (90k)).

Remarks on new releases: The programs in this package need (and work well with) Maple-V.3, which is quite old now. We have only added some tables later on. The reason is that Maple changes substantial feature of their system in new releases. For example in Maple-V.4 the online help of our package does no longer work (but the programs do, as far as I know). In Maple-V.5 even the programming language has changed such that our programs are no longer valid Maple code. We are not willing to spend a lot of time on updating the package because of such changes of the base system. There is a project to transfer this part of CHEVIE into a GAP package, but that is not so easy.

VERSION for Maple 7 and newer: Johannes Maslowski kindly provided a translation of the package to Maple 7 and newer versions.

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