How to get CHEVIE onto your computer

The MAPLE part

For the MAPLE part of CHEVIE you need Maple 8 or a newer version.

Archive for MAPLE 8 or higher (last update March 7, 2017):

Archive with extra tables

This page contains a link to an archive with extra tables for GLn(q) and GUn(q), n = 4, 5, 6. These work with both versions of cheviem above.

The installation is described in the README file in the same directory. You need about 6 Megabytes of free disk space for unpacking the files.

Remark for users of former versions of CHEVIE:

The archives with name chevie3r3... and newer are from 5/2013 (and later updates). They contain a few corrections compared to previous versions (see the CHANGES file in the archive for details).

The GAP part

For an installation of GAP, version 3.4.4, released in April 97 (see GAP) together with the old released version of CHEVIE see this page.

For an installation of GAP, version 3.4.4, including an experimental 64-bit version of GAP 3 and the development version of CHEVIE maintained by Jean Michel (but fewer other packages) see this page.

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