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with Michael Brickenstein, Viktor Levandovskyy, Jorge Martín-Morales and Hans Schönemann,
Mathematics in Computer Science, 4(2–3):359–383, 2010.

Effective Methods for the Computation of Bernstein-Sato Polynomials for Hypersurfaces and Affine Varieties,
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preprint, 2010.

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Noncommutative Computer Algebra with Applications in Algebraic Analysis, 2014.

Diploma Thesis

Algorithms for the computation of Sato's b-functions in algebraic D-module theory, 2010.


Singular libraries

ncpreim.lib: Non-commutative elimination and preimage computations, 2012.

dmodloc.lib: Localization of algebraic D-modules and applications, 2012.

dmodvar.lib: Algebraic D-modules for varieties,
with Viktor Levandovskyy and Jorge Martín-Morales, 2010.

dmodapp.lib: Applications of algebraic D-modules,
with Viktor Levandovskyy, 2009.

bfun.lib: Algorithms for b-functions and Bernstein-Sato polynomials,
with Viktor Levandovskyy, 2009.