Final Program
of the Nikolaus conference 1999 on
Computational Representation and Group Theory
(Lehrstuhl D für Mathematik, RWTH Aachen)

If not mentioned otherwise talks were given in the seminar room 221 in the ``Sammelbau'', Templergraben 64, second floor.

Friday, 3rd December 1999
2.03-2.26pm Peter Fleischmann (Canterbury): The Noether bound in invariant theory of finite groups
2.41-3.10pm Catharina Stroppel (Freiburg): Quivers for category O
  coffee and discussion
4.32-5.00pm Willem de Graaf (St. Andrews): Constructing modules over semisimple Lie algebras
5.16-5.49pm Hans Schönemann (Kaiserslautern): Polynomials in FACTORY and SINGULAR
5.55-6.25pm David Green (Wuppertal): The computer calculation of minimal projective resolutions
7.00pm-?1 Research Cambridge Style! (in the ``Labyrinth'')

Saturday, 4th December 1999

10.00-10.32am Max Neunhöffer (Aachen): Computation of condensed modules
10.42-11.14am Meinolf Geck (Lyon): Kahzdan-Lusztig cells and James conjecture
11.22-11.50am Bert Sevenhant (Hasselt): Gathering evidence for a conjecture of Kac
  lunch break
2.15-2.43pm Jürgen Klüners (Heidelberg): Computation of Galois groups
3.01-3.34pm Radha Kessar (Oxford): Symmetric groups, wreath products and Morita equivalences
3.41-4.12pm Fokko du Cloux (Lyon): Classification of Bruhat intervals
  coffee break
4.53-5.23pm Richard Parker (Cambridge): The Meat-Axe
5.31-5.50pm Beth Holmes (Birmingham): A new computer construction of the Monster
7.00pm-?1 Research Cambridge Style! (in the ``Labyrinth'')

Anyone was welcome to attend the talks.
Frank Lübeck
1 come next year to find out yourself.
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