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Nikolaus Conference 2000

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This year's Nikolaus Conference at Lehrstuhl D für Mathematik was held

from Thursday, December 7, 2000, ~2pm, to December 9, 2000, 4pm.

This time we had at the same time the Darstellungstheorie-Tage 2000. As usual we had a variety of short talks and scheduled long breaks for personal communication and discussions.

Everybody was welcome to attend the meeting. You could have mailed me for further information or assistance with booking accomodation.

Frank Lübeck

List of participants

Final Program

Here is the final program, prepared after the conference.

Travel information

Look here to find a train connection to Aachen.

Once you are in Aachen you find Lehrstuhl D in the building Templergraben 64, 2nd floor. Here is a map of the city center.

Frank Lübeck
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