Final Program
All talks were given in the lecture room AS, basement floor of the same building as Lehrstuhl D (Sammelbau). We were happy to have windows in all of our rooms!
Friday, December 7, 2001
2.01-2.37pm Stéphane Gaussent (Wuppertal): On the fibre of the Bott-Samelson resolution
2.43-3.13pm Burkhard Höfling (Braunschweig): Constructing irreducible soluble linear groups of small degree over finite fields
coffee and discussion
4.31-5.05pm Willem de Graaf (Utrecht): Computing with quantum groups in GAP
5.13-5.50pm Meinolf Geck (Lyon): Computing Schur indices in groups of Lie type
5.53-6.25pm Anne Henke (Leicester): Relating polynomial GLn-representations in different degrees
7.00pm-??* Research Cambridge Style! (in the restaurant ``Georgios'', Mauerstraße)
Saturday, December 8, 2001
10.03-10.32amMariane Riss (Paris): Broué's conjecture on isotypies for extensions of Sp(4,q)
10.36-11.11amBernd Souvignier (Nijmegen): Mathematical crystallography as desired by crystallographers
11.17-11.52amCédric Bonnafé (Besançon): Remarks on characteristic functions of character sheaves
lunch break
2.18-2.50pmGregor Kemper (Heidelberg): Application of group cohomology to computing the depth of invariant rings (with Origami Nikolaus!)
2.55-3.30pmGunter Malle (Kassel): Counting Galois extensions
3.37-4.13pmThomas Breuer (Aachen): Lower bounds for the spread of some finite simple groups
coffee break
4.52-5.24pmGabriele Nebe (Ulm): Elementary divisors of certain Specht lattices
5.30-6.02pmRob Wilson (Birmingham): The ? maximal subgroups of the Monster
7.00pm-??* Research Cambridge Style! (in the ``Labyrinth'')
Anyone was welcome to attend the talks.
  Frank Lübeck
* Come next year to see yourself!
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