Summer school on semidefinite optimization



Monday, September 3, 2012 (arrival day) to Friday, September 7, 2012 (departure day).

We will meet at Haus Karrenberg at Monday, 11:00, and have lunch. The lectures will start around 14:00. At Friday, we will leave around 13:00 (after lunch).


The summer school will be at Haus Karrenberg in Kirchberg/Hunsrück.


The schedule is updated.

Bus transfer

There will be a bus transfer from RWTH Aachen University to Kirchberg. Departure in Aachen is Monday, September 3, 8:15, in front of the Hauptgebäude. Departure in Kirchberg is Friday, September 7, around 13:00.

If you want to use the bus transfer, please send an eMail to, but not after July 20.


There are no computers at Haus Karrenberg. So if you own a (private) notebook, please bring it to the summer school. For the computer exercises, please install SAGE ( The beginners may also have a look at the short tutorial of Fernando Mário de Oliveira Filho.