The summer school takes place at Rolduc Abbey in the province of Limburg, the Netherlands.
It is a medieval monastery complex, situated in the beautiful park.
The closest cities are Kerkrade (Netherlands) and Herzogenrath (Germany).
In case you need to find the location on the map, the postal address of the Abbey is Heyendallaan 82, 6464 Kerkrade, NL.

Upon arrival to Rolduc monastery, walk through the main gate and proceed to the reception in the left wing of the opposite house.

1. From Aachen to bus stop "Pilgramsweg, Herzogenrath":

If you travel from Aachen Hbf (Aachen Central Railway Station), take nearly any bus in front of the Railway Station to reach Aachen Bushof (Aachen Central Bus Station), it will take at most 10 minutes.

From Aachen Bushof, get on the bus nr. 47 of German ASEAG lines, to the bus stop "Pilgramsweg, Herzogenrath", what will take about 30 minutes.

For the route planning with the bus you can also use the English version of the website of German Railways. There, enter the names of bus stops as we write them here and check the box "Local transport".

Note: you can reach the bus stop "Pilgramsweg, Herzogenrath" by the same bus nr. 47 from Herzogenrath in 7 minutes.

1.1. Footwalk from bus stop "Pilgramsweg, Herzogenrath" (Germany) to Rolduc Abbey

This way is 1,1 km long and will take approximately 15 minutes.

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2. From Herzogenrath Railway/Bus Station to bus stop "Rolduc, Kerkrade":

From Herzogenrath Railway/Bus Station you can take the bus nr. 30 of Dutch Veolia lines to the bus stop "Rolduc, Kerkrade".
This bus regularly departs every 30 minutes and the journey takes about 10 minutes.

Note: the travel itinerary is much easier to obtain from the website of German ASEAG lines.

2.1. Footwalk from bus stop "Rolduc, Kerkrade" (Netherlands), to Rolduc Abbey

This way is just 260 m. Indeed you will already see the monastery from the bus stop.

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