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I wrote
> Rumor:
> The Nederlands Kubus Club (NKS, Dutch Cubists Club) has been receiving
> a lot of orders for reprints of their newsleter "Cubism For Fun" (CFF).
> Because of this, they are going to do a massive (1 time?) reprint of all
> of the newsletters, but only enough to fill orders received by September 1.

Summarizing information I received from Rik van Grol, Editor of CFF.

Reprints are only available to club members.
The next full reprint will probably not be for several years.
Deadline for guaranteed orders is the end of August. Some small quantities
of extras may also be printed.
Rik estimated the cost as 145 Dutch Guilders, though this is unconfirmed.
Club membership (1995) 30 Guilders.
Orders to Treasurer of the club. (same address as in archives)

Now all I have to do is join up in the next 8 days. :)
Chris Worrell

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