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>Bring your Square-1, your Rubik's Cube, and your other Rubik's puzzles that
>you haven't been able to solve!
Sorry, I don't have any. Except the 10x10 Rubik's Tangle.

I only have one quarter of that puzzle...(section 4).

I worked on it for a considerable amount of time, and concluded that the only
solution method was trial and error.

I was thinking about the Rubik's Tangle, and what was puzzling me was
WHY there should be only one solution (apart from the obvious symmetries).
After all, all pieces are identical except for coloring, and a set consists
of all 24 possible coloring, and 1 duplicate, and this doesn't sound like
an artificial construction. Is there any mathematical reason for the
uniqueness of the solution? What possible "Tangle-like" puzzles have
unique solutions?


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