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Date: Mon, 31 Oct 1994 14:35:34 -0500 (EST)
From: Brett Stevens <brett@math.toronto.edu>
I joined this list in the middle of an ongoing discussion
on shift invariance. can someone fill me in with the important
definitions and what has already been discussed (if it is not
too much work)

This is what the archives are for!

Some of you old-timers may have forgotten where the archives are, and it's
been a while (several years) since I reminded everybody about the existence
of Cube-Lovers-Request, so I have included the standard greeting message I
send to all new subscribers below.

Some quick administrative observations while I have your attention:

Today are 151 entries on the main mailing list. Some of those entries are
local redistribution lists. I estimate there are about 160 of us.

We celebrated our 14 birthday last July. I'd bet we are among the top ten
oldest active mailing lists on the Internet.

I periodically get requests for FTP archives of cube-related material other
than our mailing list archives (simulators and other programs, tables of
results, catalogs of merchandise, etc.) I am not aware of any such
centralized collection of Cubist stuff. If someone knows of such a
collection, or would like to organize one, or simply has a list of cube
related resources on the network, I'd like to hear from them.

My policy on advertising: Since Cube-Lovers is an unmoderated mailing list,
I really have no control over what is sent here, but I do complain to
people who send advertising that isn't obviously Cube related. And I
reserve the right to start complaining about -all- advertising should it
ever get out of hand.

------- Begin Greeting Message -------

Our addresses are Cube-Lovers@AI.MIT.EDU for submissions and
Cube-Lovers-Request@AI.MIT.EDU for administrivia.

Please note that Cube-Lovers-Request is processed by a human being, not a
computer program (such as LISTSERV or Majordomo). If your request is not
instantly processed, it is because I don't spend my entire life reading my
electronic mail. I do know how to interpret many of the commands typically
sent to such programs, but I would prefer it if instead you can remember to
address me in complete sentences.

If you are interested in the archives of the Cube-Lovers mailing list:

Using FTP, connect to FTP.AI.MIT.EDU, login as "anonymous" (any password),
and in the directory "pub/cube-lovers" you will find the thirteen (compressed)
files "cube-mail-0.gz" through "cube-mail-12.gz".

Archive vital statistics (when uncompressed):

   File		   From		   To	     Size (bytes)
   ----		   ----		   --	     ------------
cube-mail-0	12 Jul 80	23 Oct 80	185037
cube-mail-1	 3 Nov 80	 9 Jan 81	135719
cube-mail-2	10 Jan 81	 3 Aug 81	138566
cube-mail-3	 3 Aug 81	 3 May 82	137753
cube-mail-4	 4 May 81	11 Dec 82	139660
cube-mail-5	11 Dec 82	 6 Jan 87	173364
cube-mail-6	10 Jan 87	13 Apr 90	216733
cube-mail-7	12 Oct 90	 9 Sep 91	137508
cube-mail-8	 1 Nov 91	25 May 92	171205
cube-mail-9	28 May 92	 7 Jan 93	155755
cube-mail-10	20 Mar 93	 6 Dec 93	171881
cube-mail-11	 6 Dec 93	18 Feb 94	349772
cube-mail-12	24 Feb 94	 5 Sep 94	181193

In addition, the file "recent-mail" contains a copy of the currently active
section of the archive. (Unfortunately, due to the way mail works here at
the AI Lab, it is not possible to have new mail accumulate directly into
this file, so there may be some delay before a new message arrives here.)
Finally, the file "README" contains the information you are currently reading.

- Alan
------- End Greeting Message -------

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