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~~~ [prev] [up] Subject: Help ma, please!
Date:         Wed, 2 Nov 1994 12:35 pm EST (17:35:07 UT)
From: "Daniel P. Maloney" <MALONEY9146@fredonia.edu>

I hate posting this message to the entire list, but how do you
unsubscribe from this list?


As I reminded everybody just last weekend,
so you can't say you didn't see it:

Please note that Cube-Lovers-Request is processed by a human being, not a
computer program (such as LISTSERV or Majordomo). If your request is not
instantly processed, it is because I don't spend my entire life reading my
electronic mail. I do know how to interpret many of the commands typically
sent to such programs, but I would prefer it if instead you can remember to
address me in complete sentences.

Your request to unsubscribe was sent to me less than 24 hours ago.
I'm sorry I didn't drop everything just to deal with it. How about if I do
it later on this evening? Can you wait that long?

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