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~~~ ~~~ [up] Subject: Tools lost in the mists of time...

Despite being your moderator for the past 13 years, it has been quite a
while since I actually played with a cube (of any order). Until last
weekend, that is, when I picked up a 5x5x5 cube that someone had loaned me
quite some time ago. Imagine my surprise to discover that I had in fact
forgotten one of the tools I needed to solve even a 3x3x3! In particular
my tool for inverting two edge cubies in place in a 3x3x3 was completely
gone. It didn't take me long to develop a replacement, but I'm certain
that it is nothing like what I was using years ago. I'm amazed -- there
was a time when I thought I could never forget any of those tools.

And by the way, it was a lot of fun to re-learn the 3x3x3 and then go on to
solve the 5x5x5 -- if anyone else out there has, like me, been neglecting
their cube hacking for some years, go pick up your cube again, you may be
pleasantly surprised.

- Alan (aka Cube-Lovers-Request)

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