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Last Sunday (on Cube Day) I was handed issue #32 of Cubism For Fun.
A summary the contents:

1. Short articles about the solution of the puzzle by Koos en Ton Verhoeff.
(I described the puzzle before and announced the solution by Jan de
Ruiter a few weeks ago.)
2. Articles about "Bob's Binary Boxes" by Hans Dockhorn and Bob Kootstra. *
3. Description by Harold Cataquet of "Alice"; a wooden packing puzzle.
4. Description by Wim Zwaan of a packing puzzle he entered in the "Hikimi
Wooden Puzzle Competition".
5. Article by Jan Verbakel about "Wirrel-Warrel" puzzles (it has a
different name in the US that escapes me).
6. Article by Tom Hilligers about "Kaos", a puzzle with balls in pipes.
The orientation of the pipes with respect to each other can change.
7. Article by Ronald Fletterman about pretty "sculptures" with Square 1.
8. A contest announcement by Bernard Wiezorke figuring the sliding puzzle
Vorsicht! (I do not know whether it is available in the US.)
9. An article by Ralph Gasser about Orbik, a puzzle introduced by
Edward Hordern.
10. Results of a number of contests.

* An interesting design. These are wooden boxes with in it binary
switches. On top a ball can be put in, on the bottom there are a
number of exits. When a ball reaches a switch it passes the
switch in the given direction and puts the switch in opposite
direction. The design is such that successive balls come out in
successive exits (in circular numerical order). Bob Kootstra built
a few of those switches, but now is asking for an optimal design of
a box with 7 exits.

CFF is a newsletter published by the Nederlandse Kubus Club NKC (Dutch
Cubists Club). It appears a bit irregular, but a few times a year.
Yearly membership fee is now NLG 25.- (Dutch Guilders) which amounts to
approximately $ 15.-. Institutional membership is also possible.
Information is available from the editor:
Gerald Maurice
Groen van Prinstererstraat 7-2
1051 ED Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Phone: +31206822943
E-mail: gm@phys.uva.nl

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