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Date: Sat, 11 Mar 1995 10:39:55 -0500
From: GPATYK@aol.com
Message-Id: <950311103954_46192197@aol.com>
To: cube-lovers@ai.mit.edu
Subject: list

Please take me off list.

thank you

Looking back through my records, I find that when you asked to be added to
Cube-Lovers back in February, you sent your subscription request to the
entire mailing list. At the time I explained to you that subscription
requests should be sent to Cube-Lovers-REQUEST -- and that this is in fact
an Internet-wide convention. In fact, the greeting message I sent you
contained the following text:

REMEMBER: Our addresses are Cube-Lovers@AI.MIT.EDU for submissions and
Cube-Lovers-Request@AI.MIT.EDU for administrivia. Save this message
somewhere so you don't forget about Cube-Lovers-Request. If you ever
want to be -removed- from Cube-Lovers, your request should be sent to
Cube-Lovers-Request. If you forget, and send mail concerning your
subscription to the entire list again, you should expect to be severely
chastised -- that mistake is considered particularly annoying by
Internet old-timers.

So here you are, only a month later, screwing up in public -- a
particularly pathetic example of inability to follow simple directions.

To the rest of you on Cube-Lovers: The paragraph quoted above is now sent
to -all- new subscribers (and now all you old-timers have seen it as well),
so don't make the mistake that Greg did -- send your administrative
requests to -me- (Cube-Lovers-Request@AI.MIT.EDU). If you don't, I have
now given you fair warning that I will feel perfectly free to hold you up
for public ridicule!

- Alan (Cube-Lovers-Request@AI.MIT.EDU)

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