[next] [prev] [up] Date: Tue, 26 Jun 84 10:20:00 -0400 (EDT)
[next] [prev] [up] From: Bernard S. Greenberg <BSG@SCRC-QUABBIN.ARPA >
~~~ [prev] [up] Subject: Recent Activity?
Date: 25 June 1984 23:23-EDT
From: Alan Bawden <ALAN @ MIT-MC>

Date: Mon, 25 Jun 84 14:30 CST
From: Gil Gamesh <dnichols%ti-csl.csnet@csnet-relay.arpa>
Subject: Recent Activity?

Is this mailing list still alive? Does anyone know of any recent activity
in the cube world?
More significantly, has anyone heard of any progress in the
important theoretical problems (God's number/algorithm)?

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