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~~~ ~~~ [up] Subject: cubes dead?

I don't see much about cubes these days. And, as a puzzle collector, I'm still
looking. Singmaster and Ideal have both discontinued their newsletters;
however, the Hungarian "Rubics Magazine" still is being published. It has
broadened somewhat to talk more about puzzles in general. I also found last
Saturday, that there is a childrens cartoon about Rubics Cube - in fact
the cube is the hero. It is truly awful.
As Alan says, most of the objects mentionsed have been seen. But they
are hard to get nowadays. Meffert, in Hong Kong, is silent. I ordered
a dozen or so 5x5x5's more than 6 months ago, and have yet to hear anything.
Or get my money back. And he never sent me any skewbs.
Well, it was an exciting couple of years in the puzzle world; now, I guess,
things are more normal. Stores no longer have puzzle sections, and I have to
write to specialty places to find new puzzles. For me, wood puzzles are back
in. I've been digging up old puzzle patents, and hope to find someone to make
some of the puzzles described for me.
-- Stan Isaacs

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