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I just saw a commercial for a puzzle called "Orbix." It was a sphere
covered with (I think) 12 colored reflector-like circles, each with a
button in the center. They said that there are 4 levels. It seemed to
be much like "luminations." I'm sure that I will buy the first one I
find. :-)
-Dale Newfield

No, its more like "Light's Out", on a sphere. It's a nice puzzle
(although the first one I bought had a broken button, so I had to
exchange it.) It cost about $20 at Toys-R-Us. The surface of the
sphere has 12 lights/buttons, dodecahedrally arranged. When you push
one, in the first puzzle, the 6 surrounding lights change their parity
- if they're on, they go out and vice versa. The goal is to get all
the lights on, after some random starting pattern.

The other puzzles have a different combination of which lights go on
when you press a light: I think the second turns out the 6 on the
opposite side from the one pressed, and only do so if the pressed
light was orignally off (or something like that). Obviously, I
haven't had time to study the details much yet.

The puzzle feels nice, looks good, and should be worth the $20.

-- Stan Isaacs

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