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The first CUBE-LOVERS poll has now begun. Send your answers to:


The questions:

1. Occupation (if student, undergrad or grad and major)
2. Age
3. Average solving time
4. How long it took you physically working with the cube in order to solve
it reliably.
5. How long have you been working with the cube (say since Jan. '81)
6. How many cubes do you own, and how many have died on you.
7. Solving methods:
A. Time-efficient, describe method in general.
B. Move-efficient, describe in more detail, including number of qtws
for each stage.
Include a maximum number of qtws for this method.
8. Transformations you have found or know of.
Include a description of what the transform does.
Include transforms you use in your method, such as top to middle slice
edge movers, and transforms which affect only one face.
The results of this question will be compiled into a dictionary of
transfors and may also aid people in their investigations of the cube.
9. Any specific intrests you have in the cube, such as applications to
group theory, or investigation of identities or whatever.
10. Any other intrests you might have, relating or not relating to puzzles.

Chris Worrell (ZILCH@MIT-MC)

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