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 A few corrections to my list:
I16-13   has 18 qtw not 16
I18-4   has 20 qtw not 18 and has supergroup effect <F2B2>
I18-5 is not distinct from I18-6 so may be taken off the list

I16-15 U'F'UBU'FUB'URU'L'UR'U'L        courtesy of Jerry Agin
I18-9  SAME AS I16-13

Concerning Sources:
I found none of these by exhaustive search so I believe that this is far
from a complete list esp. in 18 region.
I used several methods to derive these identities
1. from two processes which have same effect , I concatanate the inverse of
the second to the first, and remove noops.
2. from 1 process which affects only the d face or not the U face,
I twist both the D and U faces, run the reverse process (maybe with an
orientation change) then untwist the D and U faces.
3. examine old identities for similarities shift/rotate/invert/reflect
appropriatly concatanate and remove noops.

Chris Worrell

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