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In article <148@altura.srcsip.UUCP>, notch@srcsip.UUCP (Michael k Notch) writes:
< Have I got an interesting puzzle to at least look at:
<            GIVE or TAKE
< You can take 45 from 45 and have
< a remainder of 45. A trick, yes, but it
< can be done.
<            Give it a try
<              It's fun
< There is an obvious answer - You take 45 eggs from 45 chickens and you still
<                              have 45 chickens left.
< Can you find the other answer?
Simple!  Your friend has $45.  You TAKE his $45.  You have $45 remaining.
(Of course, you're out a friend.)  :-)


-Don Gertler UUCP: ...!mtuxo!gertler

"If this works, we'll eat like kings."

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