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In article <148@altura.srcsip.UUCP> notch@srcsip.UUCP (Michael k Notch) writes:
>Have I got an interesting puzzle to at least look at:
>You can take 45 from 45 and have
>a remainder of 45. A trick, yes, but it
>can be done.
>There is an obvious answer - You take 45 eggs from 45 chickens and you still
> have 45 chickens left.
>Can you find the other answer?

I have to disagree with your obvious answer for 2 reasons.

1. Using that kind of logic there are innumerable answers such as:

You take 45 donuts from 45 bakers and you still have 45 bakers!

2. Your answer is not correct if you consider eggs to be chickens in
their primary stage of development. Then you really have 90 chickens!!

Here is another puzzle to solve (perhaps a bit too easy):

How can the following equation be correct?

80 - 50 = 0

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