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Excerpts from internet.cube-lovers: 7-May-91 Rubik's tangle Ronnie
Kon@peabody.mindc (568)

>>> From: "Dale I. Newfield" <dn1l+@andrew.cmu.edu>
>>> Rubik's Tangle:
>>> 	Rubik's Tngle has 25 square tiles each tile has the very same
>>> of ropes, but the color of the ropes varies.
>>> 	Object:	Lay down the tiles into a 5X5 square in such a way that each
>>> colored rop forms it's own continuous line.
>>> 24! x 4^24 = 1746 x 10^38 ( I have a feeling it should be 25!, not

No, I think the 24! is correct. Since we don't count rotations as
different, the first tile can be placed any way you want without
the outcome.


No, Because off the rotation, the 4^25 goes down to 4^24, but again, I
still think that it should be 25!, because there are that many pieces to
be arranged.


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