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I would very much like to obtain a copy of the following
articles. If anyone can send me a copy or give me more
information about where and how to obtain them, I will
really appreciate it. Thanks.

Eidswick, Jack - How to solve the nxnxn cube.
Mathematics and Statistics Dept - Univ of Nebraska 1982

Kamack, HJ & T R Keane - The Rubik Tesseract -
Unpublished manuscript 1982

Kim, Scott E - The Impossible Skew Quadrilateral: A Four-Dimensional
Optical Illusion - Proceedings of 1978 AAAS Symposium on Hypergraphics:
Visualizing Complex Relationships in Arts & Sciences

Marx, George, Eva Gajzago, & Peter Gnadig - The Universe of Rubik's Cube
European Journal of Physics 3 (1982) pp 34-43

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