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1.  Does anyone know of anywhere I can obtain any of the following
           pyraminx crystal
           pyraminx ball
           pyraminx ultimate
           double pyramid

2. I would very much like to obtain copies of Singmaster's Cubic
Circular. I have the first 4 issues, but saw a reference to there
being 8 volumes. I would be glad to pay for copying and postage. Can
anyone help?

3. Does anyone know the status of Meffert's Puzzle Club?

4. Do Singmaster or Doug Hofstadter have net addresses?

Thanks for any help.

Daniel Nichols
1721 E. Frankford Rd
Apt. 1514
Carrollton, TX 75007

ARPA: dnichols%ti-csl@csnet-relay
CSNET: dnichols@ti-csl
UUCP: {ut-sally,smu,texsun,rice}!waltz!dnichols
VOICE: 214-492-3275


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