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~~~ [prev] [up] Subject: SYMBOLIC PROGRAMS

I couldn't quickly get a LEX or FLEX working to process the source
of the symbolic cube program written by Carl Raymond
(raymond@cps.msu.edu). Carl's note said "do what you want...",
so, I did.

I managed to convert his C-and-LEX cube program into REXX. You
type in a move sequence and it displays the resulting cycle
structure. Exactly what I have always wanted. I am still
testing it and working the bugs out, but now I can return to
my "cube research" (that is, playing around).

If anyone else needs such a straightforward text-mode cube program
in REXX (instead of C), let me know and I will share it with you...
after a little more testing. (Contact me directly, not in this
group.) Interpreted REXX is built in on OS/2, VM, MVS, and is
available (somewhere) for Unix systems, Amiga, and probably others.

A million thanks to Carl.

......Dave Eaton, N2NOQ, Owego NY, devo@vnet.ibm.com

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