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~~~ ~~~ [up] Subject: xrubik

I just finished up "xrubik", a UNIX-X Rubik's cube. It has been tested
on Linux, SunOS, and HP-UX. It currently resides on ftp.x.org at
/contrib/games/puzzles. Here's the blurb from the README in that
xrubik has been converted from xmrubik.
New features:
hold down control key to move whole cube
letters that represent colors can now be changed in mono-mode
Bug fix:
when xmrubik did not recognize when the cube was solved nontrivially
(i.e. the number of cubes on an edge > 1 OOPS.)

The /R5contrib/xmpuzzles:
xmpyramid xmoct xmskewb
xmcubes xmtriangles xmhexagons
are currently being changed to exclude Motif dependencies.
The Motif versions will no longer be maintained.

The proposed collection includes:
xcubes: expanded 15 puzzle
xtriangles: same complexity as 15 puzzle
xhexagons: 2 modes: one ridiculously easy, one harder than 15 puzzle

xrubik: a nxnxn rubik's cube
xpyramid: a nxnxn tetrahedron (a nxnxn pyraminx)
with Period 2, Period 3, and Combined cut modes
xoct: a nxnxn octahedron with Period 3, Period 4, and Combined cut
xskewb: a cube with diagonal cuts
The rest of the platonic solids (the dodecahedron and the icosahedron) seem
too hard for me.

These programs do not have self-solvers like "magiccube" (Motif) or
"puzzle" (X).
Have fun
David (the newbie)

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