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I've been busy updating X puzzles on ftp.x.org in /contrib/games/puzzles.
Here's the blurb from the xpuzzle.README file there.
What's new?:
xrubik now has a undo, save, and recall
as well as self-solver (computer solves cube) up to 3x3x3.
Currently it is the only one in this collection with a self-solver,
undo, save, and recall.
xmball recently added, atan2 problem on Suns fixed
xmlink recently added, initialize error fixed
xhexagons minor update

The collection includes:          
SLIDING BLOCK PUZZLES                       
xcubes:         expanded 15 puzzle                                       
xtriangles:     same complexity as 15 puzzle                             
xhexagons:      2 modes: one ridiculously easy, one harder than 15 puzzle
ROTATIONAL 3D PUZZLES                                      
  hold down control key to move whole cube                 
  letters that represent colors can be changed in mono-mode  

xrubik:         a nxnxn Erno Rubik's Cube(tm) (or Magic Cube)
                self-solves 2x2x2 and 3x3x3 (non-orient mode).
xpyraminx:      a nxnxn Uwe Meffert's Pyraminx(tm) (and Senior Pyraminx),
                a tetrahedron with Period 2, Period 3, and Combined cut modes
                and it also a sticky mode to simulate a Halpern's Tetrahedron
                or a Pyraminx Tetrahedron
xoct:           a nxnxn Uwe Meffert's Magic Octahedron (or Star Puzzler) and
                Trajber's Octahedron with Period 3, Period 4, and Combined
                cut modes and it also includes a sticky mode
xskewb:         a Meffert's Skewb (or Pyraminx Cube), a cube with diagonal cuts
xmball:         a variable cut Masterball(tm), variable number of latitudinal
                and longitudinal cuts on a sphere, where the longitudinal cuts
                permit only 180 degree turns.

xmlink: a nxm Erno Rubik's Missing Link(tm)

Future directions:
Sorry about the lack of self-solvers, but I would rather write the puzzle
than the tedious solution.
The ability to take back moves, record moves, and start with a
entered position to other puzzles besides xrubik should be done.
Currently the saved file for xrubik is cryptic (not intentionally).
Also xmlink and xmball need better algorithms for drawing sectors than just
a series of arcs.
A Billion Barrel would be nice but only with a self-solver (the puzzle is
too hard (I confess, I never solved it)).

Newbies (especially DOS users 8-) ):
DOS/Windows & Mac users, sorry no port currently available.
What you need:
80386 or better, or Risc, etc.
UNIX: Linux and FreeBSD are freely available (it may work on VMS).
X: XFree86 is freely available on Linux and FreeBSD distributions.
gunzip: freely available from GNU and the above distributions.
tar: freely available from GNU also.
What you do:
After transfering the PUZZLE file to your machine
(DOS users may want to rename the file PUZZLE.tar.gz to PUZZLE.tgz)
gunzip PUZZLE.tar.gz (or gunzip PUZZLE.tgz)
tar xvf PUZZLE.tar
(tar xvzf PUZZLE.tar.gz or tar xvzf PUZZLE.tgz may work as a short cut)
Then read the README generated by the above command.

I hope you enjoy

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