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September 30, 1994

Dear Puzzle Enthusiast:

Sometimes the pieces of a puzzle just seem to fall into place.
For the Fall season, we have several new puzzles whose pieces may easily
fall into place for you. Or perhaps they'll prove more challenging than
watching autumn leaves.

Chief among our Fall puzzles is our new plastic puzzle, Sneaky
Squares. It's hard to talk about this puzzle without saying that it is
truly a great puzzle. A great puzzle should be simple in concept and design,
but require a right angle turn of the mind in order to arrive at the
solution. Sneaky Squares was invented by veteran puzzle designer Bill
Cutler. He calls it his finest achievement. It consists of just 4 blocks
that must be fitted into a box. What could be simpler you say? Yet it
stumps 99% of the people we show it to. But, once you have figured out
the solution, you can demonstrate it to your friends in seconds. Because
of its simple elegance, this is an excellent gift for people who might
be intimidated by a complex or esoteric puzzle.

At just $15, Sneaky Squares is a must for your collection, and a
great gift for your friends!

Birds of an entirely different feather comprise the Perplexing Poultry
series of puzzles. These intriguing puzzles, from England, are based on
the tiling theories of mathematician and cosmologist Roger Penrose.
Penrose became interested in the shapes of tiles that will cover a plane.
Some regular shapes (such as squares) do this, but Penrose came up with
a number of irregular tile sets that could cover a plane. These tiles
produce patterns that are non-periodic (that is, the patterns do not
repeat). They are called 'quasi-periodic' since the pattern appears
to repeat regularly until you examine it closely. (Scientists have
since found some real-world crystals that form in a quasi-periodic way.)

The quasi-periodic tile sets make interesting puzzles. To decide the
position of the next tile you place, you must take into account more
than just the neighbor tiles -- you have to think about the 'whole-board

Choose either a color or black and white version of the Perplexing
The Black & White is reminiscent of the work of M.C. Escher. (Many of
Escher's drawings, incidentally, are examples of periodic tiling.)
Additionally, four of the tile sets have been made into jigsaw puzzles.
The jigsaws are unusual and colorful. 500 die-cut pieces build to a 19"
diameter circle in each of them. Although these are conventional jigsaws,
they are quite difficult because of the quasi-periodicity of the pattern.
See the enclosed flyer for illustrations of each jigsaw and for more
information about Perplexing Poultry.

As a special offer, to get your fingers moving as fast as your brain,
we'll throw in free shipping on orders of $50 or more, if you place them
by October 15! So hurry and dig into these new brainteasers.

Happy puzzling,

James W. Connelley
Ishi Press International

P.S. We picked up a limited number of Circusmaster and Dragonmaster
Masterballs at a special price. Masterball is a rotational puzzle
with the sphere divided along lines of latitude and longitude.
Masterballs usually sell for $19.95. While they last, we are offering
these at the special price of just $11.70 each. Because they came
from a European shop, the packaging is not in perfect condition, but
the puzzles are just fine. Take advantage of this special offer before
we run out!

Dear Ishi - Please send me the following puzzles to brighten my Fall days!

Puzzle                           Price                 s/h
o Sneaky Squares                         $15.00                 1
o Puzzling Poultry, B&W (PX01)           $69.00                 6
o Puzzling Poultry, Color (PX02)         $99.00                 6
o Perplexing Poultry Jigsaw (PX05)       $15.00                 2
o Cat Amongst the Pigeons (PX06)         $15.00                 2
o Perplexing Pisces (PX07)               $15.00                 2
o Pentaplex (PX08)                       $15.00                 2
o Circusmaster Masterball                $11.70                 2
o Dragonmaster Masterball                $11.70                 2
Total   $_______              ____

FREE shipping on orders of $50
or more received by Oct. 15, 1994!

Please send these puzzles to:

MC/VISA___________________________ exp:__________

California residents please include 8.25% sales tax.

Toll Free order line: (800) 859-2086

Always feel free to write me if you have any questions or comments.

Anton Dovydaitis
Customer Support
Ishi Press International                408/944-9900 vc, 408/944--9110 FAX
76 Bonaventura Drive                    800/859-2086 Toll Free Order Line
San Jose, CA  95134                     ishius@ishius.com (or @holonet.net)

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