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For the interested:

A topic that has come up a few times (and of which I was in hot pursuit for
a couple of years): I just got a new Ishi Press flier in the mail
yesterday. Among other toys they were selling 5X5X5 cubes for $20 (+S&H).

There order number is (800) 859-2086.

Yes, these are on sale for $20 plus S/H. However, I must say that as they
are difficult to manufacture, the mechanism is not as smooth as I would
prefer, the center cube faces sometimes need to be reglued, and the stickers
sometimes slide. On the other hand, these are the only 5x5x5 cubes you can
get (to my knowledge), and they are only $20.00. Also, if you buy one, you
can buy a Toyo Glass puzzle for $8.70 (they usually go for $25 to $40).

I KNOW you guys would like a 4x4x4 cube, but I can't find them. We do have
another rotational puzzle called the SKEWB, also for $20.00, which is a cube
with 4 diagonal cuts that pass through all six faces of the cube (so that any
move changes all six faces). The mechanism is very smooth and very well made,
and I've NEVER had a defective one yet. If you're familiar with the SKEWB,
I would like to know whether it's harder or easier than the classic 3x3x3
Rubik's Cube (I suspect it's simpler, but it has fewer symmetries).

If you would like a full color catalog of our puzzles, including the latest
offerings, please send me your POSTAL mailing address.

Always feel free to write me if you have any questions or comments.

Anton Dovydaitis
Customer Support
Ishi Press International                408/944-9900 vc, 408/944--9110 FAX
76 Bonaventura Drive                    800/859-2086 Toll Free Order Line
San Jose, CA  95134                     ishius@ishius.com (or @holonet.net)

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