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I believe the poster is referring to the fact that the plastic faces fall
off, revealing a screw inside, not the stickers (which are well done).

Actually, I see both problems. But then, since I'm customer support, I see
all the complaints.

Super-glue solved my problem easily.

Yes, but if WE do it, and spend labor on it, we have to increase the price
to compensate. Originally we were selling these things for $30.00. What
I'm saying is that these ARE a good value, but you should be careful.
Remember: no one is manufacturing these things anymore, nor is anyone
likely to in the future. If you know you'll want one, I'd buy it sooner
rather than later, because there won't be no later. We bought up the last
from the manufactuer, and there's fewer than 100 left.

One more thing: the mechanism gets smoother after repeated use.

That's good to know. I'll have to abuse mine some more.

Always feel free to write me if you have any questions or comments.

Anton Dovydaitis
Customer Support
Ishi Press International                408/944-9900 vc, 408/944--9110 FAX
76 Bonaventura Drive                    800/859-2086 Toll Free Order Line
San Jose, CA  95134                     ishius@ishius.com (or @holonet.net)

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