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Cubism For Fun number 33.

I just received it. It is dated February 1994, so it is a bit late ;-).
Here a summary of the contents.

1. Dr. Dragon's Polycons by Bernhard Wiezorke and Jacques Haubrich
A new, apparently interesting, puzzle from Japan, a lot like
polyonimos. Given a rectangular grid you can make pieces from
the horizontal and vertical lines connecting the points. The
writers coin the term 'monocon' for the piece consisting of a
single line segment, 'dicon' for the two different pieces that
consist of two connected line segment (one is angled, the other
not). Similarly there are 5 'tricons' and 16 'tetracons'. The
puzzle consists of 10 of the 16 'tetracons' that must be put on
a 5x5 rectangular grid. The authors also look at extensions of
the puzzle.
2. The Hollow Pyramid by Jan de Ruiter.
In a previous issue there was a puzzle about a hollow pyramid made
up of balls that must be constructed by the 25 different pieces
that consist of 4 connected balls. Jan de Ruiter was the first to
solve the puzzle (with a computer). Here he explains the program.
3. Junior Polycubes by Jacques Haubrich.
Pieces consist of 1 to 4 connected cubes that must be put on a
6x6 square. Not so much a puzzle, more like Tangram: create forms.
4. Folding Puzzles by Leo Links.
About puzzles where some intricate folding is needed to solve.
5. Cross Pattern Piling by Dieter Gebhardt.
A puzzle where you put counters on a square and its four neighbours.
The goal is to pile up to a common height for all the squares. The
article also discusses a modified version where counting is done mod
2. Associated with it comes the 24th CFF contest.
6. Gouge Packing Puzzle by Gaetan Gouge.
Description of and some elaborations about a packing puzzle.
7. Spots Puzzle by Harold Cataquet.
Elaborations about a puzzle from A.L.Hoffman, Puzzles old and new,
New York, 1920.
8. Arrow-Minded by Ivan Moscovich.
Start with a fully-connected hexagon. Put random arrows on all edges.
Next add nodes on all intersections. This gives 19 nodes in all. The
problem is to find a Hamiltonian path along the nodes, minding the
arrows (not always possible). An original puzzle by the writer.
9. Prime Pentacube Pakcings by Frits Gobel.
Start with the pentacube consisting of a square base of four cubes and
one cube on top of it in a corner. Is it possible to pack a 5x5x5
cube with 25 such pentacubes? What other figures can be packed?
10. Contest 25 by Ekkehard Kuenzell.
Pack a figure with all 29 different pentacubes.
11. Rubik's Rabbits by Luc de Smet.
Discussion of this latest by Rubik.
12. Party Impressions by Gerald Maurice.
Impressions of the Puzzle Party and Cube Day, Augustus 1993 in the
Further results of contest 23, a book review by Mark Peters and the first
of a series of columns by Edward Hordern.

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