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~~~ ~~~ [up] Subject: Re: Cubism for Fun and Games

>In the archive of this mailing list I found the following:
>>CFF is a newsletter published by the Nederlandse Kubus Club NKC (Dutch
>>Cubists Club). It appears a bit irregular, but a few times a year.
>>Yearly membership fee is now NLG 25.- (Dutch Guilders) which amounts to
>>approximately $ 15.-. Institutional membership is also possible.
>>Information is available from the editor Gerald Maurice

>Unfortunaty, the abovementioned editor didn't respond to my email.
>Does anyone know whether CFF still exists? Who is the current editor?

It ought to work. Perhaps mail got lost? Just today I received CFF 33,
a summary of the contents will be forthcoming.


Glad to see someone has had some luck with CFF. I sent some postage stamps
to the address posted in rec.puzzles a few years ago and never heard back.
Also, obtained no response from my email to Longridge. Geez, I thought at
least I deserved some sort of reply!

-- Greg Schmidt schmidtg@iccgcc.decnet.ab.com

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