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Brian Matthews asked for information about Dmitri Borgmann books. Here it is.
Dmitri Borgmann published three books:

Language On Vacation (An Olio of Orthographical Oddities)
Copyright 1965. Published by Charles Scribner's Sons

Beyond Language (Adventures in Word and Thought)
Copyright 1967. Published by Charles Scribner's Sons

Curious Crosswords (edited and annotated by Borgmann)
Copyright 1970. Published by Charles Scribner's Sons

_Language on Vacation_ is a paperback. _Beyond Language_ is a hardcover.
_Curious Crosswords_ is a large format paperback. So far as I know, all three
have been out of print for years and it's unlikely they'll be reprinted.
But, there's good news -- you can get them all as follows:

_Curious Crosswords_ and _Language on Vacation_ are available for $7.00 each

National Library Publications
Box 73
Brooklyn, NY 11234

Don't forget to add 10 percent for postage and handling. I got my copies
from this place and had no trouble with them. _Beyond Language_ can only
be found by combing used book stores, which I did for several years. Then
I found two of them! If you promise to love the book, I'll send you one of
them for $10.00. Please note that it is missing its cover, but is otherwise
in perfect condition.

If you are a maniac about the peculiarities of language, all three of these
are must-buys. You should also consider subscribing to the journal "Word
Ways" for $15.00 a year. It's a quarterly 64-page journal devoted to the
kind of stuff Dmitri Borgmann writes about (weird spellings, words with
greatest number of vowels, pangrams, dictionaries, etc., etc.). You can
order a subscription from Faith W. Eckler, Spring Valley Road, Morristown,
New Jersey 07960.

By the way, Dmitri Borgmann died last year of a heart attack. It was a
great blow to logologists everywhere. "Word Ways" has been running
memorial issues filled with unpublished articles by him.

Hope this helps!

Eric Albert (eric@athena.mit.edu)
12 Abbott Street
Medford, MA 02155
(617) 396-2424

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