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~~~ ~~~ [up] From: Eric Moyer <formail.TCPBRIDGE.FS3.FAA1.ERICM%smte@formail.formation.com >
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I have been away from cubing since the early 80's, which was
before I went to school and before I did much computer work.
After reading the recent archives I rushed out to find a square1
and fell in love all over again, only this time, I'm armed. I
was somewhat amazed to find, however, that not a single other
cube puzzle was available at ToysRUs or at any of the stores I
tried first. I went back and reread Hofstadter's articles after
Jerry Bryan's recommendation and came across the address for Uwe
M'effert Novelties, Princewell (Far East), Ltd., P.O. Box 31008,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Does anyone know if this company still
exists? Additionally, does anyone know of any mail order company
where cubes and cube-variants can be purchased? Thanks.

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