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After reading the recent archives I rushed out to find a square1
and fell in love all over again,


only this time, I'm armed.

Watch out, he is dangerous. :-)

I was somewhat amazed to find, however, that not a single other
cube puzzle was available at ToysRUs or at any of the stores I
tried first.

Instead of toy stores, I'd try game stores. I don't know if you'll
be able to find a Square-1 or not. It has been a couple of years since
they come out.

came across the address for Uwe
M'effert Novelties, Princewell (Far East), Ltd., P.O. Box 31008,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Does anyone know if this company still

I believe that this company has not been around for several years.
I did buy a couple of their "cubes" about ten years ago. But at some
point they seemed to have disapeared. Too bad they had some unique

Additionally, does anyone know of any mail order company
where cubes and cube-variants can be purchased? Thanks.

Yes. It seems that just recently Ishi Press has made some of the
cube-variants available. I saw a 5x5x5 cube in a game store recently
from Ishi Press. Game stores are a good place to look since Ishi has
long been providing products for the games; Go and Shogi. Note that
there is even an email address!

Ishi Press International
76 Bona Ventura
San Jose Ca 95134
fax - (408)944-9110
email - ishius@ishius.com

Have fun,
Tom Granvold


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