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Also it is known that transparent pyraminx puzzles were made. This
would be a good idea for the cube as well. Meffert also considered
a textured pyraminx for the blind, and ones with leather and wood

I have one of the textured pyraminx. I had to mail order it from
Hong Kong in the early '80s.

Just a few days ago I got Constantin's catalog.

Where can one get a copy of Constantin's catalog?

...and so the search for new cube variants continues. Please send me
comments (Does anyone actually own a working Master Pyraminx??) I'm
also interested in exchanging full cube lists with other collectors.

I wish I did :-)
Tom Granvold
Mail:    2400 Geng Rd., Palo Alto, Calif., 94303
Email:   tom@clipper.ingr.com

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